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Professional Membership Information and TOS

Last Updated: October 16, 2008
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INCIID Professional Membership Levels

INCIID's website is the leading infertility patient destination on the Internet and INCIID Professional Membership enables patients to find you more effectively than your own Web Site. Getting lots of traffic --- if it's the wrong kind of traffic is a costly waste. INCIID gets a very high volume of target-specific and highly qualified traffic, serving an average of 10 million page views each month.

INCIID professional memberships are annual memberships. For clinic groups however, new members are prorated so membership contributions come due at the same time unless otherwise requested.
If paying with a credit card, we require auto payments until you withdraw membership in writing (
via email or FAX) to INCIID with a request to be removed from our professional membership roster.
Membership provides valuable services, web space and zip code and state search. These memberships continue until they are cancelled in writing via email, fax or US Mail.

Your support of the infertility consumer in the form of INCIID Professional or Corporate Membership will support the important work we do. Infertile consumers are most appreciative of this effort on the part of the reproductive medicine community.

INCIID offers several levels of membership: Corporate, Professional and National Providers. In addition to providing valuable benefits to participants, membership also supports INCIID's efforts to quickly move patients to appropriate care with a specialist.  This effort supports consumers with cutting-edge information. Non-professional individuals who benefit from INCIID's work are invited and encouraged to support INCIID by becoming consumer and community members.

Annual INCIID Professional Membership

INCIID Professional Members are typically physicians, attorneys, therapists, students, nurses or other fertility industry specialists with direct patient contact. This individual level cost is less than $33.00 a month.  At $395.00 annually for professionals and special rates for nurses, therapists and students. INCIID benefits include:

  • A full listing in the INCIID Geographic Directory of Professional Members, where patients can search by state or by zip code. Your listing includes address and location, phone, fax, professional certifications and area of specialty. Search your clinic zip code to view competition.
  • Including a listing of the practice  e-mail address;
  • A direct link to your business website from our Geographic Directory listing and/or National providers directory (if you provide services on a National or International scale)
  • An invitation to submit articles and/or fact sheets to INCIID's website and/or Newsletter and Annual ART Directory (direct mailed to more than 10,000 members).
  • An invitation to participate in our chats
  • Permission to use INCIID fact sheets to reproduce on your stationery and distribute to patients;
  • An INCIID Member Page detailing credentials and accomplishments;
  • Each member page will be individually meta tagged in order to be easily found through the Internet searchable databases. INCIID is always in the top 5 pages on all of the major search engine -- the top 3 on Google.
  • INCIID points to member profiles first when community members call to ask about locating a physician.

If paying with a credit card, we require auto payments until you withdraw membership in writing (either faxed (703) 379-1593 or emailed) to INCIID with a request to be removed from our professional membership roster.  Please note if paying with a credit card INCIID will automate your annual membership renewal at the beginning of the annual anniversary month. Professional memberships run for one year. Fees for membership can be prorated if you join as part of a group but they are not refundable. Member web services continue until the member cancels those services in writing via email, FAX or US Mail.

INCIID on the Web

The INCIID site offers access to a wide range of services, including:

  • The first and only national IVF scholarship program for consumers.
  • INCIID has a very active and interactive community moderated by expert volunteers from our professional member roster.
  • The first and only national IVF scholarship program for those with medical and financial need but without the resources to accomplish this on their own
  • Hundreds of fact sheets
  • A Geographic Directory of professionals searchable by state and/or zip code.
  • A professional, national and corporate directory for those who support INCIID through business membership
  • A Monthly Newsletter via email
  • And much more.

    If you have questions, please contact us either by
    email or phone (703) 379-9178


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