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Cheryl and Brandon: Stories from the Heart

Last Updated: August 5, 2005
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Congratulations to Cheryl and Brandon on the birth of their "Heart Baby" daughter Madison.

Madison made her entrance on December 28, 2005.
She was the fourth baby born in the first active year of the From INCIID the Heart Program.
Others are scheduled in 2006.

INCIID has provided 45 cycles of IVF to those suffering with Infertility and pregnancy loss and hopes to double that number in 2006.


An update message from Cheryl today: August 5, 2005

Things are going great! I am 18 weeks today and so far everything seems to be moving along great. I LOVE my Baby Beat and use it daily and the little heartbeat is stronger than ever. That has been my lifesaver since that is how our losses have been verified before, by a loss of heartbeat. My OB does not do the Level II sono until 22 weeks but he is doing one for me, for a sneak peak, next Tuesday the 9th and we HOPE just maybe we can see what we are having!!!!

An ultrasound of Cheryl and Brandon's little one.

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