Press Room: Infertility

5 years 12 months ago

This technology offers potential for improvement in outcomes of IVF treatment, including improved pregnancy rates, reduced miscarriage rates, and avoidance of some genetic abnormalities.

5 years 12 months ago

Infertility and Multiple Pregnancy: 
Can you have too much of a good thing? 
by Serena Chen, M.D.

5 years 12 months ago

Two-blastocyst transfer has similar pregnancy rates and a decreased multiple gestation rate compared with three-blastocyst transfer

5 years 12 months ago

Although the number of available embryos may seem high, the actual number of embryos available to couples and individuals is really much lower since it is often a difficult decision to donate leftover embryos to someone else.

6 years 4 hours ago

Which is better for success? A day 5 transfer of embryos or a day 3 transfer?


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